Adobe Flash Player Installer (Direct Links)

If you are like me you hate looking around for the off-line installers for some programs. The following are the current locations for the latest version of Adobe Flash Player program. These files are hosted by Macromedia, a division of Adobe (Adobe purchased Macromedia ages ago), so you don’t have to fear that I am redirecting you to some malicious site.

EDIT (2015-08-04)
Links removed because Adobe is attempting to protect it's image by preventing maleware distribution even though these links were direct links to the latest version on Adobe's own servers.
So, instead here is a link to how much of a security risk it is to run Adobe Flash.

Please note that, as of this writing, Adobe is bundling the 64-bit version of the Adobe Flash Player into the installers, so you don’t need an alternate installer for 64-bit systems.