SmoothNet IRC Network

Originally started back in the year 2000, SmoothNet IRC was operated by 2 private servers from residential DSL service for the sole purpose of supporting one channel which composed of a small community of gamers. As the supporting operators grew older and careers developed income was available to bring SmoothNet IRC to the level it is today.

SmoothNet IRC, while still small, has the ability to support thousands of users, but is severely underutilized by the original crew of gamers. Currently the SmoothNet IRC network is composed of 1 primary server, 2 leaf servers, and services on dedicated hardware from a co-location provider.

Originally SmoothNet IRC was run by the UltimateIRCD, however due to the lack of updates by the author the move to the current daemon, hybrid, was selected for its support of client-less sites like Mibbit. Services have always been provided by Anope.

You can reach the SmoothNet IRC Network by pointing your IRC client to: or via web interface qwebirc.

If you have any questions regarding the SmoothNet IRC Network please leave a comment below.